Who We Are

The history of Lit Premium Logistics is all about service and retention.

Lit Premium was founded in 1982 with a vision to be an industry leading, full-service logistics provider.

Over the years we have weathered changes in the global distribution landscape by focusing on exemplary customer service and retention that is unparalleled in the freight forwarding industry.

Through the use of technology, experience, and highly trained personnel we provide our customers with the highest level of service and supply chain solutions. Our complete dedication to excellence has remained constant ensuring that our focus on providing the absolute highest quality service to our clients is never diminished.


What We Do

Our speedy and well coordinated delivery of Port Agency and Husbandry services during your port call will ensure efficient and quick turn-around of your vessels as well as minimizing time spent in port and our excellent relationship with suppliers, contractors, receivers, port authority, immigration, port health as well as customs ensures your needs are professionally met. Your vessels and rigs are safe with us.

Board of Directors

Tom Walker

President Director

Amanda Trust

Refining Director

Emma Stone

Finance Director

James Doe

Marketing Director

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Customer Satisfication Tools

Our deep insight and knowledge into the footwear and apparel industries in particular sets us apart from other transactional providers in the space.


More than just delivering on our promises time and time again, the LPL team provides complete pricing transparency and 24/7 service. 


Lit Premium Logistics is a proud member of the Global Logistics Associates.

The GLA network is one of our greatest competitive advantages. Our access to industry leading partner offices of the GLA, throughout the world, provides us with the strength and global reach to accommodate the most diversified shippers.